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Cheltenham Festival 2014

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the world's largest horse racing events. There is a huge coverage in the national media and the bookies are also paying close attention to this event, especially since there are more than 250 million pounds placed on the horses.

There are tens of millions of pounds spent on the facilities where the course takes place and the only larger event that can be greater than this is the Grand National.

The Cheltenham Festival takes place in March and it's the same day as the Saint Patrick's Day in many of the cases. This small detail makes it very popular in Ireland. Like any major event from the United Kingdom there is a rich history behind this event. Everything started back in 1860 when the first race took place. During all this time it evolved into a major event that has a nationwide coverage in the media. Find here all the competition news.

Most of the bets for this race are done onsite. During the last couple of years the Internet based bookmakers have started to offer full coverage of this event and there are even some special bonuses and promotions available. In fact there are many reputable online horse racing websites out there where you can even find free bonuses that you can use for placing bets on the horses during the Cheltenham Festival.

One notable thing regarding this festival is the "Cheltenham roar". This is referring to the huge noise made by the crowd when the tape is raised and the horses start running during the first race of the event. There are many traditions linked to this event and if you are a big fan of horse racing you probably already know the many betting opportunities created during the Cheltenham Festival. The amounts of money wagered reaches hundreds of millions of pounds and the numbers are increasing every year. Everybody is positive about the fact that this year's tickets will be better than those from last year.

The Cheltenham Festival manages to bring together more than 10,000 Irish horse racing fans. There are almost 11k bottles of champagne sold and the prizes offered are worth many millions. This 4 days event manages to make the world turn their heads towards horse racing get more info here.

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